3M Launches Boron Nitride Cooling Fillers for Thermal Management

New Grades from 3M

Both the grades consist of soft boron nitride agglomerates used to enhance isotropic thermal conductivity. They provide better through-plane conductivity than platelets or flakes, and their softness helps facilitate low impact on viscosity and easy processing that is less abrasive on equipment.

Boron nitride cooling filler agglomerates from 3M can be added to potting resins, conformable TIM foils or pads and other applications where isotropic thermal conductivity is important. They are also used for bond lines of 150–200 µm (100 grade) and 200 µm or above (150 grade).

Multifunctioning Properties of Boron Nitride

3M utilizes the properties of thermal stability and conductivity of boron nitride to produce a family of lightweight ceramic fillers that, when added to polymer compounds, enhance thermal conductivity while maintaining or improving electrical insulation.

Boron nitride cooling fillers from 3M can achieve high heat removal while also solving electrical insulation, viscosity, and dielectric property requirements. The multifunctioning properties of boron nitride as a filler can also help eliminate the need for metal heat sinks and additional insulation layers, helping you reduce component size, weight, and system cost.

With boron nitride cooling fillers, small plastic components, including those with complex geometries can dissipate heat effectively and achieve long-term reliability and performance. These fillers from 3M facilitate a range of thermal conductivity from 1 to 15 W/mK depending on the materials and application requirements.