BASF and cyclos-HTP Collaborate for Mechanical Recycling of PE/PA Multilayer Films

In a new publication, BASF and Institute cyclos-HTP reveals details of the mechanical recycling of coextruded flexible packaging films containing polyamides (PE/PA multilayer films).

Research on Sustainability

The independent testing and certification body cyclos-HTP systematically investigated the recyclability of PE/PA multilayer films on behalf of BASF and confirmed it in June 2021. The results and conclusions of these investigations are now available in a 25-page publication on the websites of BASF and cyclos-HTP.

In the tests, coextruded PE/PA multilayer films with PA6 and PA6/6.6 concentrations of up to 30 percent were used with tie layer materials. Based on the established CHI standard, cyclos-HTP tested the recycling compatibility and recyclability of these films in the PE film stream from commercial sorting processes for household flexible plastic packaging waste.

cyclos-HTP is already using these updated results for the differentiated certification of the recyclability of individual flexible PE/PA packaging structures by performing case-by-case reviews of packaging structures that were previously classified as incompatible for recycling.