Best Practices to Increase Plastics Durability in Sustainable Agriculture

One of the UN Sustainable Development Goals is to end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture. This is a huge challenge in the light of climate changes, and the scarcity of water and arable land. Agricultural production must be more efficient. At the same time, more consumers are demanding for healthier and safer food. Protected cultivation is an answer. Durable tailor-made plastic greenhouse covers are the best option for mild climates.

At our webinar, you will understand that stabilizing polymer films for the agricultural industry requires deep knowledge of several aspects. To increase their durability, you must not only be aware of the current agronomic practices and trends but also understand the chemical mechanisms of the interaction among polymer additives and external contaminants.

Additives from BASF create new value for plastics by supporting players on their journey towards sustainable agriculture. The BASF NOR® technology protects and extends the lifetime of agricultural films, hence contributes to reduce plastic consumption and foster recycling of plastics in agriculture. The NOR® technology is also the right component for organic farming with its excellent technical performance and environmental protection benefits.