CAI Performance Additives Launches High-performance Nylon Nucleator

Massachusetts based CAI Performance Additives has announced the launch of a new nylon nucleator, called ST-NA22D.

ST-NA22D disperses uniformly to induce crystalline arrangement of the polymer molecular chains and speed up crystallization for improved processing. So far, the nucleating agent has seen superior performance in PA6, PA66, PA11 & PA12 applications.

Effectivity at Low Doses

ST-NA22D is effective in both unfilled and reinforced polymer such as glass fiber filled nylons. This special nucleating agent is highly effective at surprisingly low doses, recommended at just 0.05-0.3 percent.

ST-NA22D is a proprietary high-performance additive only recently available in the US market.

Key Features Include:

  • Shorter molding cycle and greater production efficiency
  • Improved demolding
  • Improved dimensional stability of products
  • Reduced shrinkage
  • Prevent stress cracking of products
  • Improved mechanical properties (e.g., increased tensile strength, hardness)

CEO Richard Marshall says, “We pride ourselves in selling only specialty additives. Performance additives like ours can have an enormous impact on the final product even in small doses. Our nylon compounding customers love the shorter mold cycle times, but also the improved dimensional stability, hardness and reduced risk of part shrinkage.”