Our main task is to produce the products the market requires in an efficient and commercially viable way, in good quality and with a minimum of environmental impact.

Thus we have a number of obligations — to offer high quality products and services, to act responsibly towards the environment, to make every effort to provide the solutions our customers need, to ensure short supply chains and finally to invest in a well-trained, highly-skilled and dedicated workforce.

  • Challenges and benefits
    In the long-term, we aim to maintain our position as a commercially successful, internationally active company which will meet the economic and environmental challenges of the future through its will to high quality and high achievements. Customer orientation responsiveness to market needs and fair dealings with competitors are essential to the maintenance of our leading position.
  • Economy and ecology
    For us this means giving commercial viability top priority in all our business activities. At the same time, the safety and health of our workforce in all their efforts for us is another high priority in our company policy, as is environmental awareness in all our plans and actions. Not only during production, but in product development too we make every effort to minimize environmental impact and conserve natural resources.
  • Management and responsibility
    Consensual management and responsible co-operation represent a further mainstay of our company philosophy. We want our employees to be willing and able to identify with ECKART and to feel a sense of joint responsibility.
  • Quality and service
    High quality and customer orientation have top priority in everything we do. Because we know that market success depends not on size, but on the quality of the products and services provided.