KARPATNAFTOCHIM LTD was established in October 2004. Location of the “KARPATNAFTOCHIM” LTD.: 77306, Ivano-Frankivsk region, Kalush, vul. Industrial, 4. Identification code of legal address: 33129683.

The only member of the Company is KARPATY CHEMICAL B.V., a legal entity under the laws of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, whose seat is: Helsinki, 4, 3446 AH Wurden, the Netherlands.

KARPATNAFTOCHIM LTD is a highly developed economic complex for the production of petrochemical and chemical products. The only Ukrainian producer of ethylene, propylene, benzene, C9 fractions, polyethylene, as well as caustic soda and suspension polyvinyl chloride. The latter are new products of the enterprise.

The extensive network of highways and railways, a short distance to the borders with Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, the existence of an ethylene pipeline between the LTD “KARPATNAFTOCHIM” and the Tisza Chemical Combine in Hungary creates favorable conditions for the integration of the company into European production and trading activities.

The high quality of products is provided by a highly qualified team of petrochemicals in accordance with the international integrated standards of management ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ONSAS 18001.