KRAIBURG TPE Offers Custom-engineered TPEs for Durable Gym Equipment

Chemical Resistant VS/AD/HM Series

KRAIBURG TPE’s VS/AD/HM series of compounds can be used in gym equipment applications. The compounds are known for their chemical resistance as well as resistance to abrasion and scratches, which makes the compounds ideal for gym equipment applications where the surface is in constant contact with human sweat and strenuous physical activities.

This series of TPE compounds offers a consistent colourability, allowing for the possibility of more attractive equipment. Also, the TPE compounds render a soft, velvety surface feel to products, making them suitable for handles and grip applications in equipment.

The excellent adhesion property to nylon, PA6 and PA12, as well as other polar thermoplastics like PC, ABS, ASA and SAN, allow for flexibility in product development.
Other possible applications where the VS/AD/HM series can be used include fitness ab wheels, bicycle cushion covers, buttons, etc.

EC Series for Aesthetic Gym Equipment

KRAIBURG TPE’s EC series of compounds is an electric conductivity series with low resistivity, which is a fundamental property of a material that measures how strongly it resists electric current.

This holds the EC compounds in good stead for potential applications in gym simulation vests, required for stimulating the muscles, for workouts and bodybuilding. The use of weight vests as a tool for fitness has increased significantly, especially in the tactical fitness industry, with weighted calisthenics, speed and agility, and other weighted running workouts.

Another attribute of the EC series is that it has a soft, non-sticky haptic surface, which provides comfort to the user when wearing the vest.

Furthermore, it is halogen-free, for safety in applications, and has good adhesion to polypropylene (PP) resin, allowing for a wide variety of applications.