Medical Plastic Technologies Advancing Across a Broad Front!

The past year, dominated by COVID-19, has been exceptional for plastic molding and extrusion linked to diagnostic instruments and consumables.

The global market for injection molded and extruded plastics for medical applications remains robust and continues to grow consistently at between 6-8%, with North America (NA) and Europe (EU) being the largest markets, but consumption in India followed by China growing rapidly.

The factors driving the growth of these medical plastics technologies & applications include:

  • Growing aging population
  • Expanding home healthcare sector in NA & EU
  • Increasing cases of COVID-19, and
  • Healthcare waste management concerns

The market size of global medical plastics was valued at USD 25.3 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.5% from 2021 to 2028, with its increasing innovative use in synthetic organs, electronics technology, diagnosis technologies & more.

Find out some of the latest top plastics material & application innovations in the medical industry.

Anti-fog Polycarbonate Film for Medical Protective Equipments by Sabic

SABIC has developed and commercialized a PolyCarbonate (PC)-based anti-fog film for use in personal protective equipment such as face shields and goggles for medical environments. Their anti-fog PC film grade, Lexan™ HP92AF includes a single-sided coat that maintains itself at very high humidity levels and is not detrimental to PC impact strength or surface abrasion. Also, very critical high optical transparency is maintained throughout use, and there is no haze factor occurring that is normally the case with other transparent materials.

SABIC's Anti-fog PC Film (L) Used in Medical Protective Masks