Medical Plastics: Innovations & Opportunities

Why should you attend?

Plastics now represent the largest group of materials used in medical technology. Strong market drivers continue to support its constant penetration and may require new technologies: growing use of disposable medical products, increasing demand for bacteria-fighting surfaces, adoption of implantable applications…

  1. Save time with a structured overview of recent advances in innovative materials & application developments for next generation of medical plastics
  2. Identify opportunities to grow into medical plastics market with PEEK, PP, PVC, ABS, PE, PS, thermoplastics, nanotubes, shape memory polymers…
  3. Speed up your future R&D decisions with a clearer view on material requirements, technology adoption & unmet needs
  4. Feed your creativity by seeing successful / promising innovations (thanks to low cost, new designs…) & imagine whether it could be transposed to your own case

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Medical Plastics

Who should attend?

R&DSales & Marketing as well as Executive managers… involved in technical & market watch, NPD/ innovation, business development.

Course Outline

  1. Opportunities for Plastics in Medical Applications 
        • Medical Plastics Applications Market Drivers 
        • Certification and Legislation 
        • Medical Plastics Technology Trends
  2. New Material Opportunities in Medical Applications 
        • Protective Additives and Coatings 
        • Bioresorbables and Biocompatibles 
        • High Purity Medical Plastics 
        • Engineered & High Performance Plastics
  3. Medical Plastic Material and Process Developments 
        • Recycled Medical Waste Plastic 
        • Medical Microfibers and Yarns (Biotextiles) 
        • Medical Plastics Welding 
        • Automation in Medical Plastics
  4. Plastics in Medical Applications 
        • Implantable Devices and Drug Delivery Systems 
        • Fluid Administration and Collection 
        • Other Disposable Medical Devices 
        • Metal Replacement in Medical Applications 
        • Other Durable Medical Devices
  5. Future Plastics Opportunities in Medical Applications
  6. Major Plastics/Medical Players and Related References
  7. 30 Mins Q&A— Ask your questions directly to the expert !

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