Reactive Extrusion for Twin Screw Extrusion Professionals

Get started with reactive extrusion for your thermoplastics by getting a 360⁰ view of the process, reaction chemistry as well as how to configure the extruder.

Kenneth Russell will help you spend less time on trial and error & develop materials with reactive extrusion principles and practices faster by sharing hands-on tips on injecting liquids, defining the right residence time distribution (RTD)…

The environmental advantages of reactive extruder compared to the traditional reactors’ present huge potential. Moreover, reactive extrusion can be used for a lot of reactions.

But do you have a structured methodology to determine the parameters for your thermoplastics’ reactive extrusion (right number of residues, the right temperature, the right screw speed…)? Are you clear on the effect of reaction chemistry on extruder? Without that you might end up doing trial-and-error & that can result in quality issues. This course will help you:


Save time by knowing the basics of reactive extrusion and how to achieve desired polymer properties using your extruder as a reactor

Understand the very important reaction chemistry (Free-Radical, Saponification and more…) governing the whole process

Achieve good mixing by understanding how to best configure the reactive extrusion process (Screw design, Liquid injection, Mixing configurations…)