Rubber vs TPE: When to Select What?

Gain greater control over your elastomeric part performance by choosing the right material (rubber vs TPE) in your end application (tires, seals, gaskets, medical equipments…)

Jeff Jansen will review the structure & composition of thermoset rubbers & thermoplastic elastomers, and compare & contrast both materials to help you find the material best suited for your application (using practical case-studies)

When you work with elastomers, material selection is often the most critical step and you must get it right to avoid product failure. But despite very different and unique properties, the two elastomeric materials (Rubber and TPE) can look and feel similar. Don’t let the limited availability of comparative information make you select the wrong elastomer for your application… Join this course and:

Gain in-depth understanding of the structural and compositional differences between Rubbers and TPEs

Select most suited elastomer depending on the application conditions to achieve desired properties (high flexibility, wide temperature range, good chemical resistance…)

Optimize your product performance and avoid unnecessary product failure by better understanding the key characteristics of elastomeric materials