Solvay Launches Sustainable Polymer Series for Precision Electronics

Solvay launches the Kalix® 10000 series, an ideal structural material for precision electronics components used in smart devices, to complement its Kalix® product line. The newest HPPA-based material is set to take both performance and sustainability to the next level.

An Ecological Solution by Solvay

The Kalix® 10000 series , a partially bio-based material made with renewable feedstock from non-food competing sources, is produced with 100% renewable electricity. Available with a wide range of recycled content alternatives for diverse customer needs, it also has a lower global warming potential (GWP) than traditional polyamides. Additionally, it offers higher heat resistance, stain resistance, and lowest moisture absorption in the Kalix® families, making it suitable for use in electronic applications with more demanding customer requirements.

Our Kalix® portfolio has seen high demand, as it delivers the highest elongation and weld line strength of all HPPA, as well as great stiffness and chemical resistance. It also shows low moisture absorption, which makes it an ideal structural material for precision electronics components,” said Andrew Lau, senior executive vice president of Solvay Materials.

The Kalix® 10000 series further strengthens the Kalix® family as it not only exceeds the performance demands of structural and cosmetic frames for smartphones, but it also is a more sustainable solution that meets evolving customer needs,” added Lau.

The average lifespan of consumer devices, and the parts that go into them, have been rapidly decreasing. Vast amounts of waste will continue to be generated and cause sustainability challenges. Solvay has developed advanced technologies to help manufacturers close the loop between product design and production execution on the factory floor. With a multitude of sustainable materials solutions that address various market needs, the company is working to put our society on a fast track towards more circular solutions.