Upgrade your Rigid PU Foams for Home Appliances thanks to a Unique Multifunctional Polyol Additive

A specifically designed polyol used as an additive in Rigid PU foams formulations to improve aspects linked to productivity, sustainability and reaction to fire! Who might be interested? Companies developing Rigid PU foams for appliances (ex: refrigerators and freezers, water heaters (industrial and residential hot water tanks).
  • Suppliers of polyol systems to the appliance industry
  • Moderate to large system house R&D groups
  • Specifiers within the R&D groups

Detailed Solution Description

new polyol is uniquely designed to be used as an additive in the presence of other polyols to improve rigid polyurethane foam insulation lambda value, faster demold time through faster backend reaction, and the ability to include or reduce a more sustainable flame retardant. We are looking for partners to test this polyol in rigid PU foams for home appliance applications! Unique high aromaticity – 33%Low acid content < 0.5 mg KOH/gHigh functionality – 3Secondary hydroxyl group for flexible reactivityHydrolytically stableCompatible with many polyols and fire retardantsCompatible with HFO blowing agentsHigh aromaticity allows this unique polyol, when used as an additive, to improve the reaction to fire and/or improved mechanical strength of the rigid foam. Low acid content allows to increase hydrolysis resistance. What’s in it for you? Enhanced_Foam